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PFITR’s flagship Bond Price Validation BPV® product allows fiduciaries to make better investment purchases by validating three key variables:


Identify, Measure and Mitigate risk by verifying an appropriate, limited amount of risk that fits portfolio needs.


Avoid bad timing by verifying if the investment purchases are made when market prices are low


Institutional investors get the Best price by verifying if the bond agents are charging commissions above competitive market rates.

Identifying Risks in
Fixed Income Security

A fixed-income security is issued by a government, corporation or an entity to finance and expand their operations. These Fixed-income securities provide investors a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and eventual return of principal at maturity.

So, wouldn’t it be perfect if we could always identify all the risks that will factor in the results of our investments?

So, when it comes to identifying the risks in fixed income security purchases, Our BPV Tool is the one which you can rely on.

Also, the biggest risk that public entities face is a change in the interest rates, and all the public fiduciaries should balance their portfolio to protect their purchases against rising and falling interest rates.

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For a limited time, PFITR is offering Public fiduciaries a one-week trial of our Bond Price Validation Technology for free. You’ll be able to make better investment purchases and save significant taxpayer’s dollars with unmatched market transparency from Bond Price Validation.

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